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is coming to Europe.
International Gipsy Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. ( May 29th - 30th 2010).

Programma Filmfoyer Gypsy Festival 2010
Schouwburgring – www.filmfoyer.nl
Tue 25th May 20.00 hrs

Especially for the Filmfoyer in Tilburg the New York Gypsy Filmfestival has organised a one night event in the run up to
the International Gipsy Festival in Tilburg ( May 29th - 30th 2010). The New York Gypsy Film Festival annually invites international professional and amateur filmmakers, musicians, academics and activists for a critical debate and a fair representation of the Roma worldwide. In addition to an audacious view on continuing practices of structural exclusion and deeply rooted discrimination the emphasis lies above all on celebrating the diversity and beauty of the Roma culture with the audience.


The UNICEF one minutes project has recently been extended with a local workshop
(held on April 26th 2010) in Kosovo. We’ll show these telling self portraits of Romani
and Albanian youth  in Kosovo, bravely sharing a brief glimpse of their lives.
Workshop OneMinutes JR 

Romani filmmaker Katalin Barsony created various hard hitting and necessary documentaries on Romani issues ranging from the violent attacks on settlements in Italy to the careless demolition of cultural heritage in Sulukule, Istanbul. On this night we focus on the portraits of Roma women from all over Europe. See more of her
Mundi Romani

Dutch filmmaker and artist Jaap de Ruig, The Source: a deceptively calm and curiously close look at a small gypsy
settlement in Romania. Followed by interviewwith the filmmaker.

Together with Jasper de Rijke of Care Foundation we will also offer the audience a chance to ask any questions
on the current situation in Romania in regards to Roma communities and childcare and protection issues.

For more information on this event please contact us via
lilaleeho@gmail.com or call +31 646 71 51 71

is the Europe zone director of The NEW YORK ROMA/GYPSY HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL.

Gypsies [iGypsies [in the State of Maryland] must pay jurisdictions a license fee of $1000 before settling or doing businessn the State of Maryland...Sheriffs are paid a $10 bounty for any gypsy they arrest who pays the $1000 fee after he is arrested (Logan, 1976)....It is illegal in Pennsylvania to be a Gypsy without a license ... Any Gypsy who insists on being what he was born - a Gypsy - without a license, is liable to up to $100 fine and 30 days injail.(Smart, 1969).Texas law refers to "Prostitutes, Gypsies and vagabonds" in the same breath, and charges the Romany people $500 to live there (Bernardo, 1981:108).Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, that it shall be unlawful for any band of Gypsies..and in New Jersey it was till 1998.
Lawmakers Approve Repeal Of Law Regulating Gypsies.
From the The Pariah Syndrome by Professor Ian Hancock.

''I was shocked when I learned earlier this year that the law was still on the books,'' said Mrs. Cruz-Perez, a native of Puerto Rico who was the first Hispanic woman elected to the New Jersey Legislature. ''This is a multiracial society, and even though no one would now ever think of enforcing such a law, it's embarrassing.''NYT _ NYT

By JOHN T. McQUISTON_Published: Saturday, January 3, 1998

The Pariah Syndrome XIV. The Contemporary Situation of Gypsies
in North America by :
professor Ian F. Hancock Read More

Breaking the silence of a decades' long taboo:
The Roma / Gypsy Holocaust.
Keeping quiet in society’s margins while culture, heritage and spirit are stolen is not an option.

  Saturday,Oct 4, 2009
Lecture by:
The Honorable Ian F. Hancock, Director of The Romani Archives and Documentation Center and former
Roma representative to the UN
Economic and Social Council And Member of the International Romani Parliament.
Sunday,October 5, 2009
Film and Lecture by: Professor Michael Stewart:University College London: Department of Anthropology.
Recurrent Visiting Professor: Nationalism Studies
Central European University . 
The Persecution and Genocide of the European Roma - How, why, where and who?

  Monday,Oct 5, 2009.
9:45 P.M TO 10:45 P.M
"Social exclusion of Roma in Hungary"
Lecture by:
Boglarka Fedorko
Memeber of: Organization Romaversitas Foundation,
Budapest (Hungary)

Sunday,October 5,
2009. 7:30 To 7:55 P.M.

Contemporary Gypsy situation in Belgrade-Serbia
Film maker and Roma advocate Ivana  Todorrovic.

Please joint us Thursday evening for a very special musical event with:
Rom/Gypsy Hungarian group "TheCosmo Gypsy & Horvath Duo"
Thursday,October 8.

Our Garbage Dump, Our Hell and Heaven  is a dramatic collage in which I try to fathom why it is still hard for us humans to see  we miss so much by hating. It is also a real cry for help from the people of Pata-Ratului, Transylvania, Romania, who live on a garbage dump that shuts down in a few months because it doesn't meet European Community ecological standards. Thus soon the Roma settlement will be buldozered down and its people will be displaced. Some of its scenes are based on interview.

A work-in-progress written by Ella Veres
Directed by Alicia Kaplan
Performed by Jessica Carmona, Elliot Crown, Jan Daria, Skye

Puppetry by Peter Bullow

This work-in-progress is presented by The New York Roma/Gypsy Human Rights Film Festival as a public reading to be followed by a discussion.

Play Premiere Sunday October 4, 2009 @ 5 p.m.
Mehanata Bulgarian Bar
113 Ludlow St. NY

Special Event and Side films.

Train of Freedom."

Part 1     Part 2

Lecture by Professor Ian Hancock during the The
second annual NY International Roma / Gypsy human rights film festival


  Professor Ian F. Hancock Interview with:
First Voices Indigenous Radio Producer:
Tiokasin Ghosthorse-WBAI
Click Here

Special Event:Q&A with Alexandra Isles the
director/producer of : Porraimos..Video

Click Here to j.b. Blogging the festival

The New York Gypsy Film Festival might be the only festival in the City not sponsored by Stella Artois,
but that’s OK by them. They say they want to keep things real....

1 _GypsyCaravan__Guca_to j.b. Blogging the festival  

2008 Festival_Photo Group1 Group2 Group3        The Photography of Jan Yoors

Apache Nation_ creation song with
Film festival in Prishtina-KosovoRoma                             Roma in Italy: More News
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